Adding Colour To Images

Removing creases

boy_origionalboy_01First, I used the Spot-Healing tool to get rid of the creases where there wasn’t much detail, then I used the Clone-stamp tool to get rid of the creases where there was detail, using the colour from nearby.

Adding Colour

layersThis was much the same process as with the car. First, I created a new layer. I then set the blending mode to Soft-Light and the transparency to 90%. Then, I coloured the boy and surrounding room in, trying to match the colours that might have been in real life. Lastly, I changed the transparency back to 100%.



Getting Rid Of Blemishes


for this task, we were given a picture of Morgan freeman  and had to get rid of any blemishes / wrinkles to make his face look younger. We did this by using the spot-healing tool and adding a gaussian blur over certain areas of his face to create the effect of smoother skin.



First, we created a new layer so that we wouldn’t be affecting any of the original pixels. blemish-removal-toolNext, we used the Spot-Heal tool to get rid of the most noticeable blemishes. We then used a gaussian layer blur with a mask to smooth out the parts of his face that had rough skin.