Animation Development


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Once I had come up with my idea, I sketched out a basic storyboard to help me develop my idea further.


Initial Artwork Designs

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These were my initial sketchbook designs for the art-style and background scenery. I decided to go with a simplistic style to my artwork to help convey the bleakness and hopelessness of story.

Character Development

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Then, using my graphics tablet and Photoshop, I created a character design and head turnaround for my main (and only) character. I used more tones and desaturated colour as he symbolises the end of life and the last hope of humanity.


I then developed my initial sketches and storyboard into a more developed animatic. I decided to use colour sparingly as would help to make the things that I did colour jump out more – such as the flower and the sun.

Initial Animation Design

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From my animatic, I started to develop a rough version of my animation. First, I created a basic skyline based on my animatic and sketched the very basic elements.

Character and Object Art Development

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then, I developed the character – based on my character design, and the buildings. this process was quite time-consuming as it took a long time for me to get the perspective right.

Final Scene and Fog Movement Development

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Next, I added the fog scene at the beginning and the final plant scene that represents hope for life.  I decided to use a green colour for the both the fog and plant as it shows that humanity brought the fog upon themselves – through some unexplained accident.

Middle Walking Scene Motion Development

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Originally I wanted to draw each character movement frame individually, but by this point, I was quickly running out of time so I opted to use tweening for the character motion. This had its own set of problems as I found it very difficult to create a realistic-looking walk cycle so I decided to make the robot have wheels rather than legs and only animate him from the waist up.

Sound Development – Adding Sound

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The sound was perhaps one of the easiest parts of this project for me as I enjoy making soundtracks at home in my spare time. I settled on using a track from my EP called ‘Dissension’ I then cut the track down to length and tweaked the timing of the movement to match the song.

Final Animation

Overall I was quite happy with how it turned out, however, I could have improved upon the smoothness of the final result and added a sound effects track.