Web Design Research

Examples of poor website design Arngren http://www.arngren.net/ Overall, I think the design of this website is quite unorganised and hard to understand as lots of information has been crammed into one page. If I was going to improve this webpage, I would separate different items into categories and display them in more of a list … Continue reading Web Design Research


Retro Games Research

Tetris Gameplay A series of geometric shapes fall down the playing field (called the 'well' or 'matrix'). The goal of the game is to manipulate the pieces so that they form a continuous line across the well. When an unbroken line is created, it is deleted and all the blocks above it will fall down by … Continue reading Retro Games Research

Stages of production

Pre-pre-production idea generation script writing character development story development Pre-production funding (Sponsors, lottery funding) storyboards/animatic concept art casting (actors, stunt doubles and crew) location scouting location reki set building prop building shot list costume design Production directing filming live sound recording background (ambient) sound recording acting re-shoots live (practical) special effects stunts script updates logging … Continue reading Stages of production

Animation Project – Research (Task 1)

Meaning of hope Research what Hope can mean "the miserable have no other medicine. But only hope" - William Shakespeare Hope is an abstract concept that a bad situation or seemingly impossible task can be improved and or solved. Hope can and has been used as a tool/weapon by leaders to manipulate and control others. Animation … Continue reading Animation Project – Research (Task 1)

Animation Project – Planning (Task 1)

Introduction to Brief 'You have been asked to produce an animation up to 90 seconds long that adheres to the competition rules listed in the below link: https://filmcompetition.org.uk/faqs/ Your animation must be produced using industry standard procedures techniques then realised using digital animation methods and output in the correct format (HD 1920 x 1080 .mov H.264 … Continue reading Animation Project – Planning (Task 1)