Game Trailer Production Plan and Log


Week (Beginning) Planned Work Completed Work
1st Jan Pre-production

  • Initial Ideas outline

  • Came up with 2 ideas (Watchdogs and Pubg
8th Jan Pre-production

  • Discussion with the group and decide on idea

  • Discussed ideas with the group and settled on animal crossing new leaf.
15th Jan Pre-production

  • Presentation of the idea to Lewis
  • Pre-Production
  • Storyboards
  • Script
  • Costume Planning
  • Location Planning/recces
  • Prop Planning

  • Wrote script
  • Prepared presentation for Lewis
  • Presented the idea to Lewis
22nd Jan Production

  • Filming (Week 1)

  • Did location recces for the museum, antique centre, college, Canbury gardens.
  • Unable to film at museum and antique centre as need pass from the local council
29th Jan Production

  • Filming (Week 2)

  • Jade filmed train test shots for the intro
  • Experimented with using GoPro to film scenes (tested with scenes 7 and 4) but decided to use handheld cannon camera instead.
  • Crew members ill so filming delayed
5th Feb Production

  • Filming (Week 3)

  • Filming Week 1: Filmed scene 7 (Mabel and Sable)
12th Feb HOL Production

  • Log footage and start rough edit

  • Crew members away so filming delayed
  • Logged filmed takes
19th Feb Post-production

  • Editing

  • Crew members ill so filming delayed
26th Feb Post-production

  • Editing

  • Filming Week 2: Filmed scene 8 (Harriet)
  • Logged takes
  • Started rough edit using scenes 7 and 8
5th Mar – DEADLINE 8th MAR Post-production

  • Editing (sound)
  • Colour grading
  • Complete paperwork

  • Filming Week 3: Filmed scenes 10 and 11 (fishing scene and reality break)
  • Logged takes
(Overtime) 12th Mar Post-Production

  • Filming Week 4: Filmed scene 4/5
  • Logged and Edited footage
(Overtime) 19th Mar Post-Production

  • Sourced gameplay footage for train intro and edited into the trailer
  • Created Animal Crossing New Leaf logo for the intro
  • Added a rough soundtrack and sound effects
(Overtime) 26th Mar


  • Finished edit (video and audio)
  • Added glitch effect to reality break
  • Colour graded film
  • Filled out paperwork
  • Handed in final edit to Lewis
  • Watched trailers back in class

Pixar Animation research

Partly Cloudy is a Pixar animated short directed by Peter Sohn

Animating the clouds

To create the cloud effect, the animators made a 200,000-particle suit around an invisible rig. Just that though wouldn’t be enough as clouds are made up of basically transparent droplets, the final lighting and shadows process is what really brought him to life.

The animation team were worried that they wouldn’t have enough time to render him as all the particles and lighting take ages to render.



Stages of production


  • idea generation
  • script writing
  • character development
  • story development


  • funding (Sponsors, lottery funding)
  • storyboards/animatic
  • concept art
  • casting (actors, stunt doubles and crew)
  • location scouting
    • location reki
  • set building
  • prop building
  • shot list
  • costume design


  • directing
  • filming
  • live sound recording
    • background (ambient) sound recording
  • acting
  • re-shoots
  • live (practical) special effects
  • stunts
  • script updates
  • logging
  • video effects


  • editing
  • video effects
    • colour grading
  • soundscape (Foley, sound effects)
  • soundtrack
  • trailers
  • marketing
  • merchandising
  • release date
  • pre-release screenings
  • Edit Decision List (Paper edit)