FMP Schedule/ Diary (Last edit 03/06)


Key: Upcoming week
Current week
Work completed ahead of schedule
Work completed on schedule
Work completed behind schedule/ Not Done
Work completed behind schedule/ Done
Date Planned Work FMP Work Completed
Week 05.02.18
  • Brainstorm FMP ideas
  • Visit graphic design studio and more initial ideas for the brand design
Week 19.02.18 Pitch Phase

  • Prep for FMP proposal
Week 26.02.18 Pitch Phase

  • Prepare for FMP proposal
Week 05.03.18 Pitch Phase

  • Write FMP Proposal
Week 12.03.18 Pitch Phase

  • Expand research
  • More Mood boards
FMP proposal written + treatment
Week 19.13.18 Pitch Phase

  • Pitch Presentation
Pitch Completed
Week 26.03.18

Research Phase

  • Photocopy initial ideas for logo and branding (Original ideas)
  • Moodboards
None in lesson (working on previous projects).
Tues- (Previous Assignment work)
Colour palette mood board
Gesture animation mood board
Brought book for FMP work
Cut, printed and mounted (on A4 paper) work experience material and original branding idea.


Research Phase

  • Research existing graphic design studios/companies(Started)
  • In-depth research of copyright laws
  • Consider studio name, possible alternatives and connotations of words
  • Moodboards

Laid out research post
Researched existing graphic design studio websites and logos (and cited sources).


Did basic IP law and copyright research

Week 16.04.18


Pre-Design Phase

  • Basic brand ideas (Initial Logo development)
  • Obtaining a formal feedback from friends, teachers and peers via set questionnaire, analysis and consideration of possible changes based on the feedback.
Business card mood board
Compliment Slip mood board
Started experimenting with logo ideas
Leaflets/Brochures mood board
Websites mood board
Letterhead mood board
Continued logo experimentations
Week 23.04.18


Pre-Design Phase

  • Experiment with colours.
  • Logo development
  • Informal feedback from peers and teachers
Decided on the final brand name (Modern Interactive)
Started experimenting with logos for the new brand name.
Started reviewing 3 good and 3 bad web designs
Week 30.04.18


Design Phase

  • Business card development
  • Letterhead development
  • Compliment Slip design
  • Informal feedback from peers and teachers
Graphic Designer Research
Graphic Designer Moodboards
Cut out preliminary logo designs
Started sketching larger versions of logo designs
Week 07.05.18



Design Phase

  • Animated Graphics
  • Brochure/Leaflet
  • Informal feedback from peers and teachers
Created a typeface mood board/research
Started arranging preliminary sketches in the new book
Started sketching business card designs
Mounted initial sketches on card for the new book
Expanded notes in research into written paragraphs.
Started creating an animated indent.
Finished logo designs, started designing business cards
Week 14.05.18
Design Phase

  • Website template
Started animated indent.Weds-
Week 21.05.18



  • Final touches and selection of files for printing.
  • Writing the FMP evaluation
  • Blog updates
Continued with print designs, finished business cards, letterheads and compliment slips.Tues-
Finished leaflet and animated indent.Weds-
Laid out designs on 2 a4 page spread.
Started creating website design.




  • Arranging professional printing facilities and appropriate materials.






Week 04.06.18
  • Selecting the final outcome that should be presented on the Exhibition. Print out those files with a good quality and mount them on foamboards ready for display.






Week 11.06.18 CIC Big Event (Tuesday 12th June)



Game Trailer Production Plan and Log


Week (Beginning) Planned Work Completed Work
1st Jan Pre-production

  • Initial Ideas outline

  • Came up with 2 ideas (Watchdogs and Pubg
8th Jan Pre-production

  • Discussion with the group and decide on idea

  • Discussed ideas with the group and settled on animal crossing new leaf.
15th Jan Pre-production

  • Presentation of the idea to Lewis
  • Pre-Production
  • Storyboards
  • Script
  • Costume Planning
  • Location Planning/recces
  • Prop Planning

  • Wrote script
  • Prepared presentation for Lewis
  • Presented the idea to Lewis
22nd Jan Production

  • Filming (Week 1)

  • Did location recces for the museum, antique centre, college, Canbury gardens.
  • Unable to film at museum and antique centre as need pass from the local council
29th Jan Production

  • Filming (Week 2)

  • Jade filmed train test shots for the intro
  • Experimented with using GoPro to film scenes (tested with scenes 7 and 4) but decided to use handheld cannon camera instead.
  • Crew members ill so filming delayed
5th Feb Production

  • Filming (Week 3)

  • Filming Week 1: Filmed scene 7 (Mabel and Sable)
12th Feb HOL Production

  • Log footage and start rough edit

  • Crew members away so filming delayed
  • Logged filmed takes
19th Feb Post-production

  • Editing

  • Crew members ill so filming delayed
26th Feb Post-production

  • Editing

  • Filming Week 2: Filmed scene 8 (Harriet)
  • Logged takes
  • Started rough edit using scenes 7 and 8
5th Mar – DEADLINE 8th MAR Post-production

  • Editing (sound)
  • Colour grading
  • Complete paperwork

  • Filming Week 3: Filmed scenes 10 and 11 (fishing scene and reality break)
  • Logged takes
(Overtime) 12th Mar Post-Production

  • Filming Week 4: Filmed scene 4/5
  • Logged and Edited footage
(Overtime) 19th Mar Post-Production

  • Sourced gameplay footage for train intro and edited into the trailer
  • Created Animal Crossing New Leaf logo for the intro
  • Added a rough soundtrack and sound effects
(Overtime) 26th Mar


  • Finished edit (video and audio)
  • Added glitch effect to reality break
  • Colour graded film
  • Filled out paperwork
  • Handed in final edit to Lewis
  • Watched trailers back in class

Film Noir Trailer Ideas

Idea 1 – Watchdogs

  • Follows player around as they ‘hack’ various things
    • Traffic lights
    • Doors
    • ‘breaks into’ a building (possibly filmed in the college)
  • Only really needs main character (could have others as ‘bystanders’)
  • Design/themes would be modern/ urban (perhaps set in and around Kingston)

Idea 2 – Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

  • Set in/around towns
  • have around 5 actors hunt each other down
  • Plane drop scene could be gameplay footage to cut down on special effects
  • Locations
    • Houses
    • College
    • Parks around Kingston
    • Town centre (need to be respectful to public)
  • Last player survives using a frying pan

UPDATED – 2D Game Design Sketchbook Development

Character And Enemy Design

Main Character

Initial character ideaCharHelmetDevelopmentInitial astronaught design

These were my first ‘Concept’ drawings of the astronaut character. Originally, I wanted to create a more robotic style character, however, I later settled on the minimalistic space suit as I realised that this would be much easier to implement into the game.

Pod Droid

PodDevelopmentInitial Station Droid design

On the left, are the first ideas I came up with for the Station droids that the player would’ve had to fight to get to the end of the game, from these I then came up with the final concept sketch, with a closed and opened view.



The AI design has been mainly the same throughout most of the design process, being made from this initial concept sketch.

Prop/Weapon Design


Level Design

Pod Design RoughPod Design Cont


UI Design


2D Game Design Idea


Mood Boards

Set Design Initial Idea Board

Character Design Moodboard

Prop Design Moodboard

Game Outline

The game is set in the future on a space station. The station has been destroyed/damaged by an asteroid shower and the main computer (AI) has gone rogue and started destroying the station / killing the astronauts on board. The goal of the game is to fix and restore the station/defeat the rogue AI.

The goal of the game is to fix and restore the station/defeat the rogue AI.

The player must work their way through the station, checking each compartment for damage and fixing them if possible.If the pod is damaged beyond repair, the connecting airlocks will no open and there will be a visual cue on them that there is something wrong with the pod. Some compartments will be locked and require access keys to open. these can be found in different pods and/or by defeating ‘station drones’.

As the player is working through the station, the AI will try to stop them from getting to the data core by placing Station Drones in their way. If the player Defeats/Stuns a Drone or walks into the view of a camera, the AI will know where the player is and try to stop/kill them by shutting down pods/ systems (i.e life support) or activating the Drone’s defence system.

Set Design / Station Layout

The station is built up of ‘Pods’ around a central beam. The whole station is rotating around that to create gravity. Depending on which side of the station the player is on, the gravity changes – rotating both the character and the camera angle.

Around the station, there will be cameras. This, along with the Station Drones, is what the AI will use see where the player is.


Main Character

astronaut – in a space suit, cant see face.

Station Drones

Station repair/defence droids controlled by the main AI that has two different modes: Passive and Aggressive.

In passive mode, the drone will go around the station doing minor damage repair. However, in aggressive (or defence) mode, the drone opens to reveal two weapons and will attack the player (or anything that moves).

Final ‘Boss’

The main Boss is the Rouge Station ‘AI’ that has been damaged by the meteor shower and has killed the rest of the crew on the station. As the player makes their way through the station, the AI will try repeatedly to kill them.

Tools, Items and Currency

These will be lying around in different pods as the player progresses through the map. There are two different types of items: Weapons and Tools.


Crow-Bar like device

Found near the beginning of the game, this is the lower tier tool, used to open airlock doors without power.

Repair Device

Found nearer the end of the game, this device is capable of fixing and repairing broken station parts and/or faulty systems.


Melee Weapon 

Found near the beginning of the game, this weapon is made out of repurposed station parts to form a basic self-defence weapon capable of defeating (just) Station Drones. However, will alert AI to presence when doing so.


An endgame weapon, ranged and powerful, can stun Station Drones (permanently) and Station Cameras (for a limited time). Does not alert the AI to the player’s presence but has a limited power and needs energy packs to recharge.

Specific gameplay mechanics

  • Station has changing / no gravity so scroller gameplay can change direction from horizontal to vertical (camera rotates with the character)
  • The player cannot see the state of adjacent ‘pods’ until they have opened the airlock to them.

Art Concept Design

Space helmet Design Moodboard

 Tool/Weapon Design Moodboards