Final Idea

In this project, I was asked to create either: A pitch for a live-action movie, a
Pixar-style animation concept or an idea for a video game.

The final concept I have created is a third-person video game based on a character called the Disco Man.


The game is set in current-day England, where the government and media are controlled by an activist group called the Anti-Music-Association (AMA). Their aim is to eradicate all trace of music from the world.

You play as a hitman called the Disco Man. Recruited and trained by the last remaining record companies to take down the AMA by assassinating key figures in the organisation.

As you complete the missions it will become harder and harder to take down the targets as the AMA will employ enemies to try and stop you.

Game Mechanics and Cutscenes:


Between some levels and when a new gameplay mechanic is introduced, there will be a cutscene that will progress the story and/or introduce the new gameplay mechanic.

Basic Gameplay:

You play as the Disco Man and have to go around taking out key targets in the AMA. The key targets will have a red glow around them. You must avoid killing innocents who will have a blue glow around them. Killing innocents will result in failing the level and having to restart it.


In the first levels there will only be one target but as the game progresses there may be more than one target in each level.


As the game/story progresses, new enemies will be added to protect the targets. There are two types of enemy: Bodyguard and Sniper.


After the first 10 levels, the bodyguard is introduced. Varying in difficulty and weaponry, the bodyguard can be unarmed, melee and armed. These will display above the bodyguard along with their difficulty level.


Later in the gameplay, the sniper is introduced. Unlike the Bodyguard, the sniper must be avoided as it cannot be killed. When there is a sniper in the level, a laser will move from person to person in the level. Snipers are limited in their field of view, being restricted to looking through windows or on top of balconies.




Initial ideas

Setting: A quiet suburban area on a hot late afternoon

Time: Current Day

Disco Man walked down the leafy suburban lane, a gun in
his hand. Everything was silent except for the sound of crickets in the breeze. The houses
were all semi-detached with immaculately kept front gardens and empty driveways.
His name was Dan and he was a Hitman undercover as a nightclub owner…