HUD Project – Design (Task 3)

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Poster Design – Evaluation (Task 4)

Out of the three final posters, I chose 'the Polyshape' as my final design it best fitted the brief and utilises a wide range of vibrant and contrasting colours which are eye-catching. The poster was inspired by geometric patterns which are an important part of architecture and I created my 'Polyshape' to give the impression... Continue Reading →

Rubber Duck

For this task, I was simply asked to create the outline of a duck, in illustrator using the pen tool and as little anchor points as possible.


For this task, we were asked to take a photo of an apple and approximate it in Illustrator using the pen and anchor point tools. First, we used the pen tool to approximate the main apple, using as little anchor points as possible. Then, we repeated this for the stick and the leaf. Next, we used a... Continue Reading →

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