2D Game Design Idea

  Mood Boards Set Design Initial Idea Board Character Design Moodboard Prop Design Moodboard Game Outline The game is set in the future on a space station. The station has been destroyed/damaged by an asteroid shower and the main computer (AI) has gone rogue and started destroying the station / killing the astronauts on board. The... Continue Reading →


Game design ideas

Space station story based / score based Story based Hero/villain a problem on station explosion asteroid debris malfunction sabotage Final 'Boss' station AI rouge crewmember score based timed survival for as long as possible random level generation Gameplay Mechanics changing/no gravity Connected modules/multiple stations as levels Weapons/items Handheld computer sci-fi gun crow-bar resources science  ... Continue Reading →

Retro Games Research

Tetris Gameplay A series of geometric shapes fall down the playing field (called the 'well' or 'matrix'). The goal of the game is to manipulate the pieces so that they form a continuous line across the well. When an unbroken line is created, it is deleted and all the blocks above it will fall down by... Continue Reading →

Final Idea

In this project, I was asked to create either: A pitch for a live-action movie, a Pixar-style animation concept or an idea for a video game. The final concept I have created is a third-person video game based on a character called the Disco Man. Story: The game is set in current-day England, where the government and... Continue Reading →

Initial ideas

Setting: A quiet suburban area on a hot late afternoon Time: Current Day Disco Man walked down the leafy suburban lane, a gun in his hand. Everything was silent except for the sound of crickets in the breeze. The houses were all semi-detached with immaculately kept front gardens and empty driveways. His name was Dan and he was... Continue Reading →

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