2D Game Design Sketchbook Development

Character And Enemy Design Main Character Pod Droid AI Prop/Weapon Design Level Design UI Design


2D Game Design Idea

  Mood Boards Set Design Initial Idea Board Character Design Moodboard Prop Design Moodboard Game Outline The game is set in the future on a space station. The station has been destroyed/damaged by an asteroid shower and the main computer (AI) has gone rogue and started destroying the station / killing the astronauts on board. The … Continue reading 2D Game Design Idea

Retro Games Research

Tetris Gameplay A series of geometric shapes fall down the playing field (called the 'well' or 'matrix'). The goal of the game is to manipulate the pieces so that they form a continuous line across the well. When an unbroken line is created, it is deleted and all the blocks above it will fall down by … Continue reading Retro Games Research

Final Idea

In this project, I was asked to create either: A pitch for a live-action movie, a Pixar-style animation concept or an idea for a video game. The final concept I have created is a third-person video game based on a character called the Disco Man. Story: The game is set in current-day England, where the government and … Continue reading Final Idea

Initial ideas

Setting: A quiet suburban area on a hot late afternoon Time: Current Day Disco Man walked down the leafy suburban lane, a gun in his hand. Everything was silent except for the sound of crickets in the breeze. The houses were all semi-detached with immaculately kept front gardens and empty driveways. His name was Dan and he was … Continue reading Initial ideas