Hope Animation and Stop-motion Evaluation

  "A sense of Hope" The project was based on the competition with the theme “A sense of hope’. There were certain requirements set by the film institute, which we were expected to meet. We were asked to produce 90 seconds animation in a particular format. Idea generation and design process Firstly, I worked in … Continue reading Hope Animation and Stop-motion Evaluation


HUD Project – Evaluation (Task 4)

Design Process Team Design Team names Firstly, I started by writing down lots of different team name ideas to help me create themes for my teams. I then chose the three that I liked: Manta-ray, Dragonfly and Falcon. Initial design sketches Next, I sketched out the initial design ideas for each of the three teams. Manta-ray … Continue reading HUD Project – Evaluation (Task 4)

Poster Design – Evaluation (Task 4)

Out of the three final posters, I chose 'the Polyshape' as my final design it best fitted the brief and utilises a wide range of vibrant and contrasting colours which are eye-catching. The poster was inspired by geometric patterns which are an important part of architecture and I created my 'Polyshape' to give the impression … Continue reading Poster Design – Evaluation (Task 4)