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App Design – Idea Development/ Treatment

App Idea Outline

BlueProject – Project Organiser App

My idea is a Coursework/ Project planning app that allows the user to easily and intuitively plan out their work, setting deadlines and goals easily viewed by a calendar /work to do page.

There will be two versions of the app, a ‘free’ version for students and a ‘paid’ version for professionals in the industry. This business model will allow students, who may be limited in their budget to use this app and also pay for its development with the ‘paid’ version. This design will also draw in ‘paid’ users as once they leave education as the app will automatically ask you to upgrade to the professional version.

Each version will be tailored to its specific market audience I.E. the student version having teacher login accounts that are able to set deadlines and review work and the Professional version having client login accounts that are able to see the progress of the company/employee’s work.


Feature ideas:

  • Current Projects
  • Upcoming Projects
  • Project Pages
  • Media Libary for sharing content
  • Student and Professional version
  • A version of the app for clients so they can view the progress of work


Target Audiences

Student version (Free)

The first demographic the app will cater to will be students in coursework based education such as art and design/media. They will most likely be aged from 16-20 covering both college and university students.

What features will differ

This version of the app will have a ‘Teacher login’ that allows course leaders to set projects and deadlines for their students. Students will also be able to set their own goals alongside these deadlines or create their own projects and deadlines independently.


Professional version (Paid)

The second demographic will be aimed at professionals in the creative industry such as media production or graphic design. This version will act as a sort of ‘premium version’ as the Student version will require a user to register with a teacher before they can use the app.

What features will differ

As this version is more industry-focused, it will have a feature that allows the users’ clients to view their progress. This will improve communication between client and artist as they will easily be able to see and give feedback on work.


The visual style of the app

The visual style of both versions of the app will be professional and have a minimalist design. The colour palette will be made up of different shades of blues and turquoises which will reflect and compliment the name ‘BlueProject’.



Icon mood board


Colour palette mood board


App layout mood board






The principles and processes of interactive design – Jamie Steane