2D Side scroller evaluation

Final Game/Assets: Character Sprite Sheet https://youtu.be/2rXnlEfpsJA Idea generation and design process In my research, I looked at different types sidescrolling games for inspiration. I have always been interested in sci-fi and when I realised that there aren't that many space-based platformers, I decided that I would create one. To help the development of the visual style for … Continue reading 2D Side scroller evaluation


2D Space Platformer Digital Development

Digital Asset Development Initial Character Walk Cycle Designing and creating the walk cycle Character redesign to make joints easier Character Redesign and Test 3 -   Entity design Initial Game Development Version 0.1 -Entity Development First, I imported the sprite sheets for the idle and walk animations, then I extracted each sprite frame and created a … Continue reading 2D Space Platformer Digital Development

Introduction to 3D Design – Maya Tutorial

Basic Maya interface, tools and shortcuts The four main tools within Maya are select(Q), move(W), rotate(E) and scale(R).To create a basic shape (called a primitive) we used the Polygons tab in the 'Shelf' toolbar. There are different tabs that are each specialised for different aspects of 3d modelling and animating. For this tutorial, I started with a cube. … Continue reading Introduction to 3D Design – Maya Tutorial

2D Game Design Idea

  Mood Boards Set Design Initial Idea Board Character Design Moodboard Prop Design Moodboard Game Outline The game is set in the future on a space station. The station has been destroyed/damaged by an asteroid shower and the main computer (AI) has gone rogue and started destroying the station / killing the astronauts on board. The … Continue reading 2D Game Design Idea

Animation Development

Storyboards Once I had come up with my idea, I sketched out a basic storyboard to help me develop my idea further.   Initial Artwork Designs These were my initial sketchbook designs for the art-style and background scenery. I decided to go with a simplistic style to my artwork to help convey the bleakness and … Continue reading Animation Development

2D Animation Project – Idea Generation (Task 2)

Initial Animation Ideas Mind map Plant growing through seasons Timelapse Survival Evolution Growth Post-apocalyptic Personified plant with voice Hope used by leaders to control people War Soldiers Society Revolution Robot surviving in post-apocalypse Lack of hope barely surviving Makes/finds object of salvation development of animation ideas