Adding Colour To Images

Removing creases

boy_origionalboy_01First, I used the Spot-Healing tool to get rid of the creases where there wasn’t much detail, then I used the Clone-stamp tool to get rid of the creases where there was detail, using the colour from nearby.

Adding Colour

layersThis was much the same process as with the car. First, I created a new layer. I then set the blending mode to Soft-Light and the transparency to 90%. Then, I coloured the boy and surrounding room in, trying to match the colours that might have been in real life. Lastly, I changed the transparency back to 100%.




In this task, we were asked to turn the silver Mini into a Mini of another colour. Like the Cityscape, we did this task twice. Once destructively and once non-destructively.

Original Image


Destructive Blending

blending-modeFirstly, we selected all the parts of the car that we wanted to fill with the selection tool. Then we used the brush tool and our chosen colour to paint the selected area, changing the blending mode to colour rather than normal.



Destructive Mini

Non-Destructive Blending

layersFirstly, we created a new layer and changed the blending mode on that to colour. Then, we filled in all the areas that we wanted to change with the brush tool on this new layer. Next, we used the eraser tool to clean up all the edges and make sure that there was no colour bleeding.

Non-Destructive Mini