Moving Primatives

Setup First, I set the project to 24 frames per second and weighted tangents to linear. Object Creation I then set the Modeling Set to animation and created three different polygons.     Animation To animate an object, you select the first frame on the timeline editor, then right-click on the translate X in the channel … Continue reading Moving Primatives


Hope Animation and Stop-motion Evaluation

  "A sense of Hope" The project was based on the competition with the theme “A sense of hope’. There were certain requirements set by the film institute, which we were expected to meet. We were asked to produce 90 seconds animation in a particular format. Idea generation and design process Firstly, I worked in … Continue reading Hope Animation and Stop-motion Evaluation

Animation Development

Storyboards Once I had come up with my idea, I sketched out a basic storyboard to help me develop my idea further.   Initial Artwork Designs These were my initial sketchbook designs for the art-style and background scenery. I decided to go with a simplistic style to my artwork to help convey the bleakness and … Continue reading Animation Development

Stop Motion Development

Storyboard I came up with the idea of animating Studio Ghibli films to form the letter 'G'. Then I created a storyboard to help me plan out the motion of the cases. Initial Stop Motion I then recorded the stop motion, using the tripod, camera and lights supplied by my teacher. Next, I put all the … Continue reading Stop Motion Development

Treatment for “Alphabet Stop-motion Animation”

How to write a Treatment Working Title – Alphabet Animation “G” Genre – Stop-motion clip Duration – 5 seconds Target Audience – Under 7’s Outline – The letter G is made up of lots of studio Ghibli DVDs Character Breakdown – (None/NA) Requirements and Resources – Camera Lighting equipment Props to make up letter Constraints and Contingency … Continue reading Treatment for “Alphabet Stop-motion Animation”

Treatment for “A sense of hope” animation

Working Title – Post Apocalyptic Hope Genre – Animation Short Duration – Less than 90 seconds Target Audience – 9/10 - 16/17 year-olds Outline – Beginning Starts with a flashback of past events – end of humanity Robot character is introduced Robot finds map to word-repairing device Middle Main character robot travelling to world-repairing device … Continue reading Treatment for “A sense of hope” animation