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Platform game-design mood boards

Station background design mood board Character design mood board Item/ Object  design mood board  


Game design ideas

Space station story based / score based Story based Hero/villain a problem on station explosion asteroid debris malfunction sabotage Final 'Boss' station AI rouge crewmember score based timed survival for as long as possible random level generation Gameplay Mechanics changing/no gravity Connected modules/multiple stations as levels Weapons/items Handheld computer sci-fi gun crow-bar resources science  ... Continue Reading →

Retro Games Research

Tetris Gameplay A series of geometric shapes fall down the playing field (called the 'well' or 'matrix'). The goal of the game is to manipulate the pieces so that they form a continuous line across the well. When an unbroken line is created, it is deleted and all the blocks above it will fall down by... Continue Reading →

Stages of production

Pre-pre-production idea generation script writing character development story development Pre-production funding (Sponsors, lottery funding) storyboards/animatic concept art casting (actors, stunt doubles and crew) location scouting location reki set building prop building shot list costume design Production directing filming live sound recording background (ambient) sound recording acting re-shoots live (practical) special effects stunts script updates logging... Continue Reading →

Hope Animation and Stop-motion Evaluation

  "A sense of Hope" The project was based on the competition with the theme “A sense of hope’. There were certain requirements set by the film institute, which we were expected to meet. We were asked to produce 90 seconds animation in a particular format. Idea generation and design process Firstly, I worked in... Continue Reading →

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