HUD Project – Evaluation (Task 4)

Design Process Team Design Team names Firstly, I started by writing down lots of different team name ideas to help me create themes for my teams. I then chose the three that I liked: Manta-ray, Dragonfly and Falcon. Initial design sketches Next, I sketched out the initial design ideas for each of the three teams. Manta-ray … Continue reading HUD Project – Evaluation (Task 4)


HUD Project – Design (Task 3)

Team designs Team 1 Stylesheets Logo   Team 2 Stylesheet Logo Team 3 Stylesheet Logo   Hud design sketchbook Design Graphical design HUD elements Final HUD design

HUD Project – Planning (Task 1)

Introduction to the Brief "Your client, a large game publisher, requires you to design the interface elements for a new console-based racing game. The game world and tracks are based on the streets of London; you can identify your own routes. The game involves a series of races between 3 teams using electric concept cars … Continue reading HUD Project – Planning (Task 1)