Treatment for “A sense of hope” animation

Working Title – Post Apocalyptic Hope

Genre – Animation Short

Duration – Less than 90 seconds

Target Audience – 9/10 – 16/17 year-olds


  • Beginning
    • Starts with a flashback of past events – end of humanity
    • Robot character is introduced
    • Robot finds map to word-repairing device
  • Middle
    • Main character robot travelling to world-repairing device
  • End
    • Robot fixes planet
    • Plant is seen growing at the end to signify rebirth of life

Character Breakdown

  • Main Character
    • Race: Humanoid robot
    • Backstory: Last thing left on earth after apocalypse
    • Age: N/A

Visual Elements / Mise en Scene-

  • Backgrounds
    • Fairly simple – basic horizon and sky colour
  • Buildings
    • Simplistic
    • Flat colour
  • Fog/Sky
    • Flat colour


  • Soundtracks
    • Song dissension – fitted to animation
  • Foley/sound effects
    • None/Minimal

Requirements and resources

  • Adobe Animate
  • Garage Band
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Graphics tablet for drawing frames
  • Midi keyboard for writing music score

Constraints and Contingency – What problems are you likely to encounter and how will they be overcome.

  • Lack of time

Legal and ethical considerations

  • Has to be PG
  • Can’t use other people’s ideas/IP


  • Cost of Adobe CC software – £196 / Year
  • Cost of graphics tablet – £70
  • Cost of audio creation software


  • Few years probably to complete to an industry standard
  • Lots of all-nighters to allow for potential problems

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