HUD Project – Evaluation (Task 4)

Design Process

Team Design

Team names

Mind Map.jpgFirstly, I started by writing down lots of different team name ideas to help me create themes for my teams.

I then chose the three that I liked: Manta-ray, Dragonfly and Falcon.

Initial design sketches

Next, I sketched out the initial design ideas for each of the three teams.







Development sketches

Then, I asked my peers which designs had the most potential and based on their feedback I developed the rough sketches into more finished drawings.







Digital Logo Designs

For my final logo designs, I first roughly sketched an outline in photoshop. Next, I went over the lines in more detail and added a basic colour scheme.



design03Team 1 Design Sheet - Manta RayWith the Manta-Ray design, I decided to change the colour scheme to better match the other team logos as they all incorporate different shades of grey.




The digital design process was much simpler than for the other logos as I already knew what style and design aesthetic I was trying to achieve. although I found that I had to trace the outline from one of my paper-based design sketches as it was too difficult to reproduce in photoshop without.



HUD Design

Sketchbook Work

For the hud elements, I designed a selection of different designs on paper and asked my peers which ones they preffered. Next, I took the most popular designs and developed them further on the computer in Adobe Illustrator.


Digital Design

Colour scheme

I used Adobe Kuler to help me choose a colour scheme that looked aesthetically pleasing and created a selection of different HUD elements in these colours. I then once again asked my peers to help me decide which colours looked best.

Final Design and Design elements

For my final design, arranged all the HUD elements in their chosen colours on the mock-interface so that they fitted together and flowed into each other.

Most of the elements of the HUD are static – such as the speed gauge, the lap time and map. The other elements such as the low battery warning and direction arrows will only show on the hud when needed.


The value of peer feedback in the design process

Peer feedback is important in any design process as design and the creative arts are largely subjective. By allowing a section of people to offer their feedback and criticism it will help to make sure the final design looks better.

However, it is also important to make sure that the design too influenced by others as this could also spoil the thing that makes it good. so a balance must be made between the original idea and any feedback.


Final Evaluation Process

how does it compare to professional standard work

Compared to professional-quality HUD designs, I think my HUD is perhaps not quite as well polished due to the fact that many of these designs have multiple people working on them with more time than I had for this assignment.

If I was to do this project again, I would make sure that the teams and the HUD design work and fit together better than they ended up doing.


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