HUD Project – Planning (Task 1)

Introduction to the Brief

Your client, a large game publisher, requires you to design the interface elements for a new console-based racing game. The game world and tracks are based on the streets of London; you can identify your own routes.

The game involves a series of races between 3 teams using electric concept cars to promote new technology and sustainability. The environment and car graphics have a photorealistic look. Your interface must communicate game information but also help support the storyline of the game. Your designs must include: Track maps / speedometer / Way-Finding (e.g direction arrows) / start lights / placing / Lap / Checkpoints / Fuel gauge but you can include any other interface item that you feel is necessary.

In addition to the general interface, you also need to devise names and design a colour scheme, identity and logo for the 3 different race teams you propose.

Week 1 – 09/01/17 – Planning

  • Plan Hud research and design

Started: 12/01/17
Completed: 15/01/17

Week 2 – 16/01/17 – Research

  • Driving Game research – write about two examples
    • Driving Game Timeline
  • Research Copyright and Branding laws

Started: 16/01/17
Completed: 24/01/17

Week 3 – 23/01/17 – Research

  • Specific icons/displays from existing cars
  • Car Dashboards
  • Think about team names and ideas for the game concept.

Started: 23/01.17
Completed: 31/01/17

Week 4 – 30/01/17 – Ideas: Initial sketchbook ideas

  • Team name ideas
  • Rough logo designs
  • HUD concept elements

Started: 1/02/17
Completed: 06/02/17

Week 06/02/17 – Design: Sketchbook work

  • Develop logo designs
  • Develop HUD elements

Started: 07/02/17
Completed: 15/02/17

Week 13/02/17 – Design: Digital work

  • Create team stylesheet
    • Final Logo Designs
    • Team cars
    • Colour swatches
  • Create HUD mock-up

Started: 16/02/17
Completed: 21/02/17

Week 20/02/17 – Evaluation

  • Describe and evaluate final design
  • Talk about how the final design was reached
  • Compare HUD to professional HUDs from existing video games.

Started: 22/02/17
Completed: 28/02/17

Week 27/02/17 – Finish off

  • Complete any unfinished work


Completed: 09/03/17


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