Actions and Low-Poly Art


Original Image


In this tutorial, we were shown how to use actions and were tasked with using Actions to create a Low-Poly picture of a robin. Actions are a set of steps that are recorded and can be ‘played back’. This is useful when completing tasks that require repetitive steps.

Low-Poly Art

Low-poly art is an image that is made up of lots of interlocking polygons, usually triangles.

We did this by creating lots of triangles, making sure that the points connected with a point of another triangle. show-grid

First, we created the action Average Blur. Then, we made the grid visible by going to View > Show > Grid and changed the grid settings so that there was a gridline every 10 pixels. Next, we selected a triangular area using the marquee tool with all the points lining up with the grid so that all the triangles would interlock. Lastly, we used the Average Fill action to make the selected area all one colour and then we repeated that until all of the picture was filled

Final Polybird


Creating an Action


Actions Dialogue

To create an action, we went to Window > Actions to bring up the actions dialogue. Then we created a new action called Average fill and set the function key to F1.actions_02

Next, we selected an area and started recording the action by pressing the record button at the bottom of the Actions Dialogue.


average-blurWe then copied the selection to a new layer by pressing
Ctrl + J ,applied an Average Blur (Filter > Average), deselected the area (Cmd + D) and changed the selected layer to the original image layer. Lastly, we stopped recording the action.


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