FMP Schedule/ Diary (Last edit 09/05)


Key: Upcoming week
Current week
Work completed ahead of schedule
Work completed on schedule
Work completed behind schedule/ Not Done
Work completed behind schedule/ Done
Date Planned Work FMP Work Completed
Week 05.02.18
  • Brainstorm FMP ideas
  • Visit graphic design studio and more initial ideas for the brand design
Week 19.02.18 Pitch Phase

  • Prep for FMP proposal
Week 26.02.18 Pitch Phase

  • Prepare for FMP proposal
Week 05.03.18 Pitch Phase

  • Write FMP Proposal
Week 12.03.18 Pitch Phase

  • Expand research
  • More Mood boards
FMP proposal written + treatment
Week 19.13.18 Pitch Phase

  • Pitch Presentation
Pitch Completed
Week 26.03.18

Research Phase

  • Photocopy initial ideas for logo and branding (Original ideas)
  • Moodboards
None in lesson (working on previous projects).
Tues- (Previous Assignment work)
Colour palette mood board
Gesture animation mood board
Brought book for FMP work
Cut, printed and mounted (on A4 paper) work experience material and original branding idea.


Research Phase

  • Research existing graphic design studios/companies(Started)
  • In-depth research of copyright laws
  • Consider studio name, possible alternatives and connotations of words
  • Moodboards

Laid out research post
Researched existing graphic design studio websites and logos (and cited sources).


Did basic IP law and copyright research

Week 16.04.18


Pre-Design Phase

  • Basic brand ideas (Initial Logo development)
  • Obtaining a formal feedback from friends, teachers and peers via set questionnaire, analysis and consideration of possible changes based on the feedback.
Business card mood board
Compliment Slip mood board
Started experimenting with logo ideas
Leaflets/Brochures mood board
Websites mood board
Letterhead mood board
Continued logo experimentations
Week 23.04.18


Pre-Design Phase

  • Experiment with colours.
  • Logo development
  • Informal feedback from peers and teachers
Decided on the final brand name (Modern Interactive)
Started experimenting with logos for the new brand name.
Started reviewing 3 good and 3 bad web designs
Week 30.04.18


Design Phase

  • Business card development
  • Letterhead development
  • Compliment Slip design
  • Informal feedback from peers and teachers
Graphic Designer Research
Graphic Designer Moodboards
Cut out preliminary logo designs
Started sketching larger versions of logo designs 
Week 07.05.18



Design Phase

  • Animated Graphics
  • Brochure/Leaflet
  • Informal feedback from peers and teachers
Created a typeface mood board/research
Started arranging preliminary sketches in the new book
Started sketching business card designs
Mounted initial sketches on card for the new book
Expanded notes in research into written paragraphs
Week 14.05.18
Design Phase

  • Website template






Week 21.05.18



  • Final touches and selection of files for printing.
  • Writing the FMP evaluation
  • Blog updates








  • Arranging professional printing facilities and appropriate materials.






Week 04.06.18
  • Selecting the final outcome that should be presented on the Exhibition. Print out those files with a good quality and mount them on foamboards ready for display.






Week 11.06.18 CIC Big Event (Tuesday 12th June)



(NOTES)Work to do

Kieran’s Work

App design

  • Research (Done) -Posted Dec 21st
  • Idea (Done) -Posted Jan 23
    • App idea outline
    • Target audience
    • Moodboards for idea generation
  • Concept (Started) -Posted ?
    • Logo
      (Almost Done)
    • Develop UI elements
    • Digitise elements
    • Create app mockup
      (Not started)
  • Evaluation (Not started) -Posted ? 
    • Reflect on 
      • finished product
      • fitness for purpose
      • technical qualities 
      • aesthetic qualities

Maya tutorials (Half Done) 

  • Introduction to MAYA (Done) -Posted Oct 25th
  • Basic shape creation and project setup (Done) -Posted Nov 1st
  • Column Review (Insert edge loop, taper, extrude, basic texturing etc.)
    (Done) -Posted Dec 19th
  • Rotating Primitives and keyframes (Timeline, Range Slider, set key etc)
    (Done) -Posted Dec 26th
  • Bouncing ball (Graph editor, Dope Sheets etc.)
    (Started) -Posted ?
  • Robot
    (Started) -Posted ?
  • Walk Cycle
    (Screenshots done) -Posted ?

Maya 3d Animation (Started)

  • Research
    • pixar short film research
      (Done) -Posted Jan 10th
  • Development (Started)
    • Treatment
      (Started) -Posted ?
    • Walk cycle references
      (Done) -Posted ?
    • Storyboard
      (Started) -Posted ?
    • Diary Log
      (Not started) -Posted ?
    • Adobe Fuse character development
      (Started) -Posted ?
  • Final Animation (Started) -Posted ?
    • Playblast
      (Not started)
    • Final Render
      (Not started)
    • Upload Project Files
      (Not started)
    • Evaluation
      (Not started)

Web design

  • research (Almost done) -Posted Jan 9th
    • 6 good/ bad websites
    • finish how a web browser functions
    • Digitise wireframe designs
  • Development (Half done) -Posted ?
    • Photoshop ‘Pixel accurate mockup’
      (Not started)
    • Development of website screenshots
    • Finish website
  • Evaluation (Not started) -Posted ?
    (Not started)

Louis’ Work (DONE)

Film Noir

  • Development (Done) -Posted Jan 11th
    • 2 Film Trailer Ideas
  • Pre-production (Almost done) -Posted ?
    • Location recces
      (Done) -Paper based
    • Equipment research and booking
      (Done) -Paper based
    • Detailed health and safety assessment
    • Call sheets
    • Individual production log 
      (Done) -Posted Jan 16th
  • Production (Done) -Posted N/A
    • Film scenes
    • log and save footage
    • check footage
    • reshoot if necessary
  • Post-production (Almost done) -Posted ?
    • Correct paperwork
    • Rushes
    • Final film sequence

Rob’s Work

Contextual Studies Brief 1 (Started)

  • Introductory page (Done)
    • Characteristics of the movements
    • Key artists
    • Key works
    • Techniques
    • Relevant social/political context
    • impact on visual culture
  • Tate modern visit – Surrealism, expressionism, art deco, minimalism (Started)
    • Sourced images
    • your own images
      (Almost Done)
    • annotations
      (Almost Done-Need to write one more)

      • what it is
      • how it was made 
      • who made it
      • when they made it 
  • Responses to the artwork (Started)
    • Expressionist painting/drawing depicting a personal experience
    • Surrealist photocollage
    • Minimalist poster for a movie of your choice
    • Design for Art Deco-style flyer for a 1930s-set murder mystery weekend break.

Contextual Studies Brief 2 (Started)

  • Logo research (Started)
    • mind map ideas

      • who is the target audience
      • what kind of imagery and fonts do these names suggest
      • how might they be combined for maximum impact
      • negative space
      • colours
      • scale


  • who is the target audience
    • name midwest, suggests business-focused
    • 25-50 year olds?
  • what kind of imagery and fonts do these names suggest
    • Corporate / Official
  • colours
    • Blues/reds


  • who is the target audience
    • companies/individuals looking to create a website
  • what kind of imagery and fonts do these names suggest
    • more arty/creative
  • colours
    • reds, oranges, yellows


    • research existing logos with annotations
    • preliminary sketches/ drawings etc
    • typeface research
      (Not started)
    • final logo
      (Almost Done)
    • a written explanation of your choices
      (Not started)
  • Target audience (Not started)
    • sketchbook mood board pages
      (Not started)
    • a paragraph explaining a possible scenario in which the persona might be introduced to the product you are using
      (Not started)
  • Idea development (Started)
    • research- collage, drawing etc with annotations
      (Not started)
    • rough designs
  • Final Piece (Not started)
    • final design boards
      (Not started)
    • pitch
      (Not started)


  • Proposal Document (Started)
    • Working Title or Theme of Final Major Project
    • What you will work towards producing
    • Influences, starting points and contextual references
    • Early ideas, research and sources (you must include a short list of research sources and bibliography texts). This list can be attached as an appendix
    • A treatment of your idea
    • Your proposed schedule for the project
    • An outline of the research that you will undertake
    • Existing professional creative work that inspires this project (influences)
    • An overview of resources required (personnel, specialists, logistical requirements, budget)
    • Proposed method of evaluation (how you will review your FMP in critical and analytical ways – self and peer review, tutorials, critiques, etc)
    • Proposed style and genre (use examples or mood board)
    • Make sure that you have looked at the units in detail that you need to cover in this brief (available on Moodle)
  • Presentation Pitch (Started)
    • Present Pitch to Lewis
    • Write up treatment as blog post
    • You will need to document your own Process for the whole project – this has to be presented as a VLOG or a Blog (in production diary form)

Research and idea generation

  • Research (Started)
    • You will need to research primary sources such as exhibitions, shows, museums or questionnaires.
    • Secondary sources eg historical, cultural influences, music, existing contemporary examples.
    • record and save this research as drawings, photographs, notes and sketches
  • Idea Generation
    • You will need to show evidence of the generation of your idea.
    • You will need to draw up a list of creative planning required according to your role and a plan of how you are going to make this.
    • This could include:
      • Visual Planning – mood boards, mind-maps, sketches, design boards, test shots, image selection, storyboards, edit tests, character development etc.
      • Content planning –, script drafts, character development, questions, shot-lists, etc.
      • Use of Visual Language
      • do risk assessments for the project and consider health and safety that will affect your work.
  • include evidence of your process in your individual project blog

Experiment with ideas and media

  • You need to show that you have explored and developed your ideas for realising outcomes.
  • This means that you need to add to your blog the different stages that you have gone through to create your piece. Make sure that you screengrabs and save all the different things that you try while making your piece and annotate these. If you are sketching and drawing please save all the sketches and processes that you go through.
  • This should involve selecting and using appropriate digital equipment, and software and techniques, and developing an understanding of current and new developments related to materials, equipment and techniques
  • You will need to include evidence of your process on your individual project blog.

Completed pieces

  • Your Artefact Product needs to be submitted on 22/05/2018 time TBC With your Production Blog and all the planning and development materials.


  • You will need to prepare your finished work for Exhibition; this will include mounting of work, presentation of work, preparation of the Exhibition space, written copy for the Exhibition and Presenting your own work to the public on the Exhibition night.

FMP Proposal

Guidance:For your Project Proposal you must provide an outline brief of your Final Major Project. This brief will normally be of your own choosing. Where the brief is set by your tutor, or where you are working on a group brief (with other Learners), please make sure that you cover how you will respond individually to the brief and/or your individual responsibilities/contribution to the work of the group.
Your Project Proposal must be produced as a focused outline brief:
Section 1:
I will be working towards producing a brand design for my graphic design company, which I am planing to set up after college. Through the branding design, I would like to communicate who I am, what services the studio could offer to the clients and where they would be able to find me. I will develop 2D promotional materials such as: business cards, letterheads, compliment slips etc. The concept will be based on the Acoustic Art theme…In adition to that I will create a website design, which should promote the studio online and will act as an online portfolio.

Section 2:
I will research existing design studious online and I will select a couple of books related to logo design, typography styles, branding and website design in order to inform my study further. In addition I will do a thorough research on Trade Marks and Copyright legislation to expand my understanding about the way I could protect my creative ideas and outcome. Also I will look at the latest edition of the Creative Review magazine to get the glimpse of the current trends in graphic design.
ii. Early ideas, research and sources (you must include a short list of research sources and bibliography texts). This list can be attached as an appendix



Ambrose,Gavin “The visual Dictionary of Typography” 1st edn. Lausanne, AVA publishing SA, 2010
Ambrose/Harris “ The Production Manual” 1st Lausanne, AVA Publishing SA, 2008
Cullen, Cheryl “ Graphic Design that Works”, 1st edn. USA, Rockport publishers, 2006
Drew, Keith “Online Branding” 1st edn. London, Laurence King Publishing, 2002
Morgan, Conway “Logos”1st edn. Crans-Pres-Celigny, Rotovision SA, 1999


Design Council (2018) “The power of branding”  Available at: , (Accessed on 21 March 2018)
Inkbot Design, Branding (2017) Available at: , (Accessed on 21 March 2018)
Jacob Cass, (2014)“Design your own site” Available at: , (Accessed on 21 March 2018)
John Rompton/Forbes, (2014) “ 12 Principles of Great Web Design” Available at: , (Accessed on 21 March 2018) Legislations (1988) “Copyright, Design and Peterns Act 1988” Available at: , (Accessed on 21 March 2018)

(Guide: 50/100 words)
Section 3:
i. Intended techniques, media, processes
I will be sketching out my initial ideas, then select the best outcome and continue with the development process. The rest of the allocated time I will use to produce the digital outcome of the logo, business card and all related document templates as letterhead, compliment notes and the price list. In addition I will design the web page layout design to compliment the full promotion of the graphic studio and the services it could offer to the clients.


ii. Timescales (an action plan is essential)
Date Tasks Resources/Techniques
20 05.02.18 Brainstorm ideas, group discussions, outlining the possible outcome Blog, sketchbook , books, magazines HALF TERM   Visits to the graphic design studio and more initial ideas for the branding design Blog, sketchbook, Library21 19.02.18 Mind-maps and moodboards Blog, sketchbookPhotoshop, Illustrator22 26.02.18 Initial research Blog, sketchbookPhotoshop, Illustrator23 05.03.18 Writing a FMP proposal Blog, sketchbookPhotoshop, Illustrator, Word24 12.03.18 Research expansionMore moodboards Blog, sketchbookPhotoshop, Word25 19.03.18 Pitch presentation Blog, sketchbook26 26.03.18 Initial ideas of the logoMoodboards Blog, sketchbookIllustrator EASTER Digital development process of the selected design ideas and experiments with the layout and possible colour combination. Blog, sketchbookIllustrator, In-Design27 16.04.18 Obtaining a formal feedback from friends, teachers and peers via set questionnaire, analysis and consideration of possible changes based on the feedback.  Blog, sketchbookIllustrator, In-Design28 23.04.18 Final logo and templates design  Blog, sketchbookIllustrator,In-Design29 30.04.18 Start of the web page designMoodboardsThumbnails and initial sketchesColour swatches and layout compositions Evidence on the Blog, sketchbookMuse30 07.05.18 Further development of the initial ideasMore colour experiments, relevant information about the studio and the services it offers that has to be included. Record on development process on the blog, sketchbook, Muse31 14.05.18 Digital page design – content Muse, Photoshop, Illustrator32 21.05.18 Final touches and selection of files for printing.Writing the FMP evaluationBlog updates In-Design, IllustratorPrinter, Blog HALF TERM   Arranging a professional printing facilities and appropriate materials. 33 04.06.18 Selecting the final outcome that should be presented on the Exhibition. Print out those files with a good quality and mount them on foamboards ready for display.  Blog, Snapshots,Display on the allocated place 34 11.06.18 CIC Big Event (Tuesday 12th June)

(Guide: 50/150 words)
Section 4:
i. Proposed method of evaluation (how you will review your FMP in critical and analytical ways – self and peer review, tutorials, critiques, etc)
In order to evaluate my work regularly, I am going to ask my peers for a feedback, by informal conversation in class and will gather their opinions via a formally set questionnaire, as well. Also I will discuss any problems with my teachers and seek for their professional opinion. This will help me to see my work from a different perspective and eventually consider some changes to improve my design concept in order to achieve my goals and meet the requirements set on the FMP brief.

(Guide: 50/100 words)
Your Project Proposal must be not less than 250 words, Aim to have more than 500 words.


App Design – Idea Development/ Treatment

App Idea Outline

BlueProject – Project Organiser App

My idea is a Coursework/ Project planning app that allows the user to easily and intuitively plan out their work, setting deadlines and goals easily viewed by a calendar /work to do page.

There will be two versions of the app, a ‘free’ version for students and a ‘paid’ version for professionals in the industry. This business model will allow students, who may be limited in their budget to use this app and also pay for its development with the ‘paid’ version. This design will also draw in ‘paid’ users as once they leave education as the app will automatically ask you to upgrade to the professional version.

Each version will be tailored to its specific market audience I.E. the student version having teacher login accounts that are able to set deadlines and review work and the Professional version having client login accounts that are able to see the progress of the company/employee’s work.


Feature ideas:

  • Current Projects
  • Upcoming Projects
  • Project Pages
  • Media Libary for sharing content
  • Student and Professional version
  • A version of the app for clients so they can view the progress of work


Target Audiences

Student version (Free)

The first demographic the app will cater to will be students in coursework based education such as art and design/media. They will most likely be aged from 16-20 covering both college and university students.

What features will differ

This version of the app will have a ‘Teacher login’ that allows course leaders to set projects and deadlines for their students. Students will also be able to set their own goals alongside these deadlines or create their own projects and deadlines independently.


Professional version (Paid)

The second demographic will be aimed at professionals in the creative industry such as media production or graphic design. This version will act as a sort of ‘premium version’ as the Student version will require a user to register with a teacher before they can use the app.

What features will differ

As this version is more industry-focused, it will have a feature that allows the users’ clients to view their progress. This will improve communication between client and artist as they will easily be able to see and give feedback on work.


The visual style of the app

The visual style of both versions of the app will be professional and have a minimalist design. The colour palette will be made up of different shades of blues and turquoises which will reflect and compliment the name ‘BlueProject’.



Icon mood board


Colour palette mood board


App layout mood board




The principles and processes of interactive design – Jamie Steane